Diesel day.

Needed to tow the trailer today,so back into the ICE for the first time since Saturday.

Immediately conscious of the increased driver workload.  Clutch, gears, noise, stalling, you don’t realise how intensive that all is until it’s gone.   I do enjoy my ICE as well,  but for an everyday journey or commute the EV is an outright winner.  This one has all the toys, but excluding the vehicle specific ones like birds eye view, energy profiles and programmable timers on the heating, very little isn’t possible without a smartphone.  It’s just more convenient  built in.

If you go to your app store of choice have a look at Plugshare, Amppal, Zap Map, Open Charge Map for rooks to find charge points and plan routes and journeys.   Some of these tools will let you see other people’s experiences with cars,chargers and other users.

My wife made her first trip in the car this evening.   I’d commented on the people who found it harder to judge speed, something she recognised even watching the speedo. 
Many of the cues we’ve learned for gauging  speed in cars simply don’t apply.   The speed limiter and cruise are your friends.  
Beyond that she found it less stressful as an experience than her TT, again the lower workload enabling the driver to observe more of the environment around them. 

Will EVs produce better drivers or possibly just create an environment where better driving comes more naturally?


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Engineer, EV driver, dog owner.

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