Summer, finally.

First real wave this morning from a Kia Soul EV in the traffic at Newbridge.  I’ve read so many posts in the Scottish EV Drivers Facebook page (closed group but join if you’re even thinking of getting an  EV) about the camaraderie that exists among EV drivers.   The same as I used to find driving a VW Caravelle. We seem be to such a friendly bunch.

More confident, last night I didn’t put the car on charge overnight as I knew the first few parts of the day would see me at Straiton then at Whitecraig, so able to leave the car trickling.   When I parked there was 63% showing.   100% when I left. The estimated charge time on the dash was extremely conservative.  Interesting to see how long the car constrained regenerative braking from a a full charge.   Full function in B mode didn’t appear until 3% used.  

Going to be showing the car to a few more colleagues tomorrow.   Those who saw it for the first time today didn’t initially  realise it was an EV.  Typically daily travel so far is 60 to 70 miles.  Hopefully a trip to Dundee later in the month  to see how much anxiety I suffer on a longer haul.


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