First Work Day.

Well the Leaf really lends itself to rush hour and the M8 and Edinburgh city bypass.  Speeds are rarely above 57 on the bits where there aren’t queues.  Arrived outside Dalkeith 25 miles 20% used.  Trickled back up to 95% before heading for Straiton.

First chance for one of my colleagues  to come for a spin in the car.  He was keen to see how the fast charge works, so we took a run to Straiton for a tour of the charge point.  Impressed both with the car and the speed of charge.  His first thought was as to why our employer doesn’t have EV’s as an option, especially as we have charge points at numerous locations.  Explained the possible range, combined with fast chargers, would work for most of our duties.  That and the fact that when parked up on a typical day we can trickle ready for whatever comes along.

Drove some of the back-roads coming home, radio off relishing the silence.  Enjoyed that the wildlife on the verges didn’t react, neither running into the road, or running away.  So much more to see at a slightly slower  pace.  Biggest worry isn’t range at the moment, it’s going to be the contract mileage!

Loving the car thanks to

Western Nissan    Energy Savings Trust






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